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Civil Society Organizations Hold Successful General Assembly Meeting to Address Key Issues.

On March 28, 2024, civil society organizations convened for a pivotal General Assembly
meeting to discuss pressing the civil society organizations’ and social issues and chart a course
for collective action. The meeting, hosted by Alliance of Civil Society Organizations of Tigray
brought together representatives from diverse sectors to foster collaboration and drive positive
The General Assembly meeting served as a platform for open dialogue and strategic planning.
Participants engaged in constructive discussions on a wide range of topics, including Alliance of
Civil Society Organizations of Tigray annual report (performance as well as Audit of 2023),
Annual Plan for 2024, Election of new Board members, human rights advocacy, and community
development initiatives, and other related issues.
Key highlights from the meeting include:
 Collaborative Partnerships: Representatives from various civil society organizations
reaffirmed their commitment to collaboration, recognizing the importance of collective
efforts in tackling complex social issues. Partnerships were forged to leverage resources
and expertise for maximum impact.
 Policy Advocacy: Participants exchanged insights and strategies for effective policy
advocacy, emphasizing the importance of engaging policymakers and advocating for
inclusive policies that prioritize marginalized communities.
 Capacity Building: The General Assembly meeting also featured sessions focused on
capacity building and skills development.
In Their remarks, Mr. Yared Berhe, Executive Director of Alliance of Civil Society
Organizations of Tigray and Mr. Tesfay G/her, the former Chairperson of the Board, underscored
the significance of solidarity and collaboration in addressing the Civil Society Organization’s
most pressing challenges. "Together, we have the power to effect meaningful change and create
a more just and sustainable future for all," they remarked.
Conclusion: The General Assembly meeting concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and
commitment to advancing the shared goals of civil society organizations. As Alliance of Civil
Society Organizations of Tigray looks ahead, we remain steadfast in our dedication to promoting
social justice, equality, and human dignity.

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