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Capacity Building

Capacity Building ​

Given the current situation in Tigray demands human, financial and other relevant resources. ACSOT is currently a consortium 72 registered civil society organizations representing different constituents of the society. In order to better respond to the emergency, rehabilitation and reconstruction, ACSOT shall impact capacity building within itself, member organizations, selected public and private sectors including like consortia.

ACSOT’s first priority is to capacitate its clustered members and corresponding public sectorial offices so as to increase their efficiency, effectiveness and implementation capability. Based on their areas of intervention, member organizations have been classified into about six clusters. Aligned with their establishment purpose, the organizations will be capacitated in areas where they have both organizational and technical capacity gaps. To this end, ACSOT will have capacity building initiatives tailored to organizational capability enhancements like leadership, CSOs institutionalization, organizational development, digitization of CSOs and project cycle management.

Besides, technical capacity enhancement like self-care trainings is demanded for the individuals working within the organizations so as to keep their state of mind as earlier; due to the fact that humanitarian actors are exposed to stories of traumatic events of the victims/survivors whom they are helping.As a result, they experience secondary trauma and usually notice that their fundamental beliefs about the world are altered and possibly damaged by being repeatedly exposed to traumatized people. Given the existing political environment in Tigray, staff of the member organizations and corresponding sectorial offices have been psychologically and socially traumatized; like any other person living in the warzone. Obviously, a traumatized one can, in no means, help another traumatized person. Moreover, the alliance itself should also technically, financially and materially be well capacitated and play a pivotal role in overall soft & hard ware development of the society at large. Thus, the primary focus of this strategic theme is to fill technical capacity gaps of member organizations in order to improve their service delivery and competency; as well as cause the spillover effect on multi-sectorial actors. All the capacity building activities are expected to be provided based on the organizational capacity assessment.

Orgnizational Capacity builidng

By enhancing its organizational capacity, ACSOT can strengthen its internal structures, processes, and capabilities to better serve its members and achieve its goals.