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Networking and Coordination

Networking and coordination

Networking and coordination are the building blocks of civic society organizations strategy for their better mission accomplishments. Networking and coordination play a significant role in creating synergistic solutions to challenges for partnering entities by exchanging and sharing co-development of resources and other institutional capabilities; while enhanced networking endeavors strengthen the capacity for resource mobilization due to the increment of mutual trust among the partner parties. However, there was appreciable relationship with the government but still this is not strong enough as required especially in developing supportive policies to local CSOs as compared with the global NGOs practice and experience. Networking and coordination that ACSOT creates can be with local, national, regional and international organizations, which are much more interested and committed to support, collaborate and engage in the augmentation of the civil societies.
To this end, ACSOT networking and coordination efforts will focus on advocacy, capacity building, engagement and empowerment, civic program enhancement, equipping facilities, and leadership development. Hence, ACSOT should strongly and closely work with its members and stakeholders to identify the real societal needs and work with them in order to build effective partnerships; so that this partnership can play a key role in effective advocacy, members’ empowerment and overall societal development. For this to be achieved there is a need to engage both public and private sectors for the betterment of our community particularly creating enabling environment for faster rehabilitation and reconstruction of Tigray. Furthermore, networking and coordination is not limited with external stakeholders rather it also includes strengthening the network and coordination among the consortium member organization.

Geographical Networking

ACSOT recognizes the importance of geographical networking, where member organizations operating in specific geographic areas come together to coordinate their efforts. Geographical networking allows organizations to share local knowledge, pool resources, and collaborate on projects that address the unique needs and challenges of specific regions within Tigray.


ACSOT also facilitates the INGO-NGO Forum, which brings together international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) and local NGOs. The forum aims to promote collaboration, information sharing, and joint advocacy efforts between international and local organizations. Through the INGO-NGO Forum, ACSOT encourages partnerships and knowledge exchange to enhance the effectiveness of humanitarian and development interventions in Tigray.

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