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Mekelle ,Tigray Ethiopia.
office @Debre Damo , Egri-mitkal Building

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ACSOT aspires to be a dependable alliance that strives for the well-being of the society.


The mission of ACSOT is to advance civil society sector through capacity building, public policy and advocacy, partnership and networking among its constituents and stakeholders thereby ensuring institutional excellence and the general welfare of the society.


Humanity , Impartiality , Independence ,Inclusiveness, Transparency ,Accountability

Ethiopian Social Accountability Project (ESAP2- ESAP3 2011 through 2022)
ESAP2- ESAP3 funded by world bank 100%
Networking and capacity building project (CSSP1 2011 – 2013)
CSSP1 project funded by CSSP 100%
Program grant project (CSSP1 2014 - 2015
CSSP1 funded by CSSP as program grant 100%
HIV/AIDs project (CCRDA) 2015-2016
HIV/AIDs funded by CCRDA 100%
Mapping of CSOs working on HIV AIDS (UNAID 2014-2015)
Mapping CSOs funded by UNAID 100%
Networking and capacity building of CSOs (WB 2015)
capacity building of CSOs funded by World Bank 100%
capacity building with Civil Society Support Program, (2014 – 2015 EU-CSF)
capacity building of CSOs supported by European Union ,EC-CSF 100%
Rapid response fund (2015-2016 CSSP1)
Go-NGO forum funded by CSSP1 100%
Social minority project (2019- 2021 CSSP2)
Social minority funded by CSSP2 100%
CSOs mapping and capacity building (2018 -2019 EU-CSF)
CSO mapping funded by EU 100%
A project on Covid19 response & GBV protection (2021 ECSOF)
Covid 19 response funded by CSSP2 100%
GBV project (ASDEPO 2022-2023)
GBV lead by ASDEPO funded by CSSP2 100%

Acsot's Organogram

The Alliance of CSOs Operating in Tigray.