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ACSOT Members Lists

African Service Community

Akabye Intellectual Disabilities Association

Midre Genet Elders Care Center

Tesfa Hiwot HIV Positive Women Association of Tigray

Chain of Love for Human & Environmental Development

Champions of Change HIV Positive Demobilized Fighters Association of Tigray

Chura Abugida Kine-Tebeb Association

Ethiopia Siga Dewe Tetekiwoch Beherawi Mahiber

Ethiopia Youth Educational Support(EYES)

Family Umbrella Association

Human Beings Association of Brother Hood(HAB)

Integrated Children Aid Organization - Adigrat (ICAO-A)

Lola Children’s Home

Mums For Mums

New Millinium Development Organization

Operation Rescue Ethiopia

Organization for Social Services and Health Development(OSSHD)

Quality of Education for Sustainable Development Association

QESDO exists to contribute to the promotion of sustainable economic development through promoting quality education, school health ,research ,gender equality ,advocacy and capacity building.

Relief Society of Tigray

Rese Debriteka Senior Citizens Case Support Association

Save the Generation Association of Tigray

SOS Children Village Mekelle

Tigray Development Association(TDA)

Vision in Action Social & Development Association

Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development

Abraham's Oasis


Women with Disability Association of Tigray

Bete Desta Children Home

Araya Women and Children Charitable Organization(AWCCO)

Araya Women and Children CharitablAWCCO is a non-governmental, organization, established in October 2014 and registered in accordance with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Tigray Association on Intellectual Disabilities

Drop of Water

Senay Tegbar Mitihigigaz Charity Organization

Covenant Axum Charity Fund Organization (CACFO)

Adventist Development & Relief Agency(ADRA)

Alternative Dispute Resolution Center(ADRC)

Betsegaw Rehabilitation Center

Bio-economy Africa

Fremnatos Elders, Mentally Disabled & Children Carity Association.

Elshadai Relif and Development Assocition

Unity for Development Raya

Negeste Axum Child Community Development Association

Organization for Sustainble Development

Berri Maida Girls Hostel & Education Center

Safer Ethiopia

New Horizon for Disability and Development

Adey Elders Women Care Center

Gual Eno Charity Organization

Family Guidance Assocition of Ethiopia

Miknay Development Assication

Tirgay Youth Assocition(TYA)

Tigray Youth Association (TYA) is a prominent NGO operating in Ethiopia, dedicated to empowering and supporting youth. With over 420,000 youth members and 143 dedicated staffs.

Organization Hiwnet Mogos (OHM)

Tigray Fighters Martyrs' Children Association

Women Association of Tigray (WAT)

Adey Humanitrian Organiztion

Board Led Organization Bright Future (ብሩህ መፃኢ)

Self Help for Vulnerable Community

Board Led Sunrise Relief Organization (SRO)

Rise Vision Community Based Ministry

Keradion Elders Support Association

Tigray Youth Empowerment Solutions (TYES)

Kebron Charity Association

Maedot Charity Organization

Relief for Inclusive Development (RID)

Hearts of Humanity

ALYA Phaychological Support NGO

Care for the Neddy

Tigray Milibama Aid Assocition

Operation Safeguard

Tigray Blind Association

ማሕበር ማሕበረሰብ ተኮር ምትሕግጋዝን ልምዓትን እንዳጡረታ

Umbrella for People in need of Support

Haira Quiha Sportsmen Association

Reducing Obstacles to Shield the Exposed (ROSE)

Sewasew Committee for Charity

Alliance for Societal Empowerment (ASE)

Strive for Resilient Healthcare System -Ethiopia (SRHS-E)

New Life Charity Organization

Sustainable Technology Solutions (STS)

STS is a non-profit organization based in Tigray, Ethiopia. It is youth-based organization established with the aim to make a difference in education, health, agriculture, and industry sectors through Technology.

Tigray Global Environmental Restoration(TGER)

Being Human for Humanity (BHFH)

Heal Initiative for Health

FOR Youth Business Innovation Network (4y BIN)

Rise and Shine Women Empowerment Center

Human Rights in Action

Biruh -Alliance for Inclusive Development

Hdrina Board Lead Organization (HBLO)

Integrated Sustainable Development Project (ISDP)

Ayder Campus Maternity Association

Innovative Development Solutions(IDS)

TESFA One to One Relief & Development Organization

Ethiopian Catholic Church SDC-Adigrat Diocesan Catholic Secretariat

Special Educational Needs in Ethiopia (SEN Ethioia)

Heal Our People (HOP)

Egbet Aid Association on Intellectual Disabilities (EAAID)

Bruh Tesfa Support for Disabled Project

Hope Comprehensive Relief Charity Organization(HCRCO))

Hope to Women and Youth Development Charitable Organization

Hope is established in March, 2023 as local CSOs where operating in Southern Zone of Tigray Region in capacity buildings and empowerment, human right and advocacy, collaborative works to sustain peace, resource mobilization, lobbying and creating an enabling environment to women and youths at regional and national settings are the main intervention areas

Mehber Gezana Teradio Medhin Deki Anstyn Hitsanatn Tigray

Bruh Tesfa Support for Disabled Project

Mehber Gezana Teradio Medhin Deki Anstyon Hitsanatn Tigray

Misgana Child and Family Devlopment Association

Nur Selam HIV Postive Association of Tigray

Nolawi Women and Children Recovery and Development Organization(NOLAWI))

Relief for Inclusive Development(RID)

Rise Vision Community Based Ministry

Togoga Rehabilitation Initiavie of Tigray(TRIT)

Tigray ICT Professionals Association(TIPA)

Tigray Leprosy Assocition

Tigray Region Teachers' Association(TRTA)

Tigray Volunteering Association(TVA)

Unity for Development Raya

Water Pumps and Irrigation Maintenance Professional Association (PLSPA)

Ethiopian Orthodox Church -Development and Inter-Church Aid Commission