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Peace building, transitional justice, governance, democratization, humanitarian and development affairs

Peace building, transitional justice, governance, democratization, humanitarian and development affairs

Public policy and advocacy can encompass a very broad range of government activities (laws, initiatives and actions) including representation of the society for wider policy change and priorities directing the government actions. Yet, despite ACSOT and its member organizations have no mandate to make societal policies and laws, there must be influencing mechanisms about the way policy is made and the upcoming policymaking efforts shall bridge the silos practiced on the recent past decades. To this end, the government and CSO should strive to build strong GO-NGO ecosystem by developing policies particularly CSOs should be involved in formulating public policies, laws and other civil society laws and procedures (including workable systems to international humanitarian actors and UN Agencies).
ACSOT, as a platform organization itself, is expected to closely work with the government and philanthropic organizations in order to contribute to the improvement of the socioeconomic situation and general welfare of the people. Thus, it shall reinforce its observatory seat in the house of peoples representatives in order to influence policy analysts and political leaders this in turn may encourage active citizen participation and inclusion of different citizen groups. Moreover, the government should promote civic engagement particularly local CSOs participation in the postwar rehabilitation and reconstruction programs. To achieve this, ACSOT will engage in key advocacy issues: peace building, human rights, transitional justice, governance and democratization (be directly voice for the voiceless community); and mainstream the cross-cutting and multi-sectorial development issues through cluster based intervention of its member organizations: humanitarian service, environment, development and social services (via thematic based clusters to be indirectly addressed by the member organizations).

Internal Advocacy

ACSOT conducts internal advocacy to strengthen the voice and capacity of our member organizations. We provide training, resources, and support to help organizations develop their advocacy skills and strategies. Through internal advocacy, we empower our members to articulate their needs, concerns, and recommendations effectively, both within ACSOT and in external settings.

External Advocacy

ACSOT engages in external advocacy to influence policies, practices, and decisions at various levels. We collaborate with government entities, policymakers, and other stakeholders to advocate for positive change and address systemic issues affecting our communities. By leveraging the collective strength of our member organizations, we amplify our advocacy efforts and bring attention to important social, economic, and environmental issues.

Media and Communication

ACSOT recognizes the power of media and communication in advancing our advocacy agenda. We engage with media outlets, journalists, and communication channels to raise awareness about critical issues, share success stories, and disseminate information on the work of our member organizations. We utilize traditional and digital media platforms to reach wider audiences, shape public opinion, and mobilize support for our advocacy campaigns.

Through our advocacy efforts, we aim to create an enabling environment for civil society organizations in Tigray, promote human rights, social justice, and sustainable development. By conducting internal and external advocacy and leveraging media and communication channels, ACSOT strives to generate positive change, influence policies, and improve the lives of the communities we serve

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