The Alliance of Civil Society Organizations of Tigray

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CSF II Call for Proposal on Dec.17, 2012

A continuation to the Civil Society fund phase I, the delgation of the European Union is preparing announce soon in the near future a call for proposa. The Technical Assistance Unit or TAU on behalf of the Deleation has been involved in the implementation of the CSF I in collaboration with local charty and society organizations such as REST, Mum for Mums, Tigry Youth Association, Chora Abogida Artistic Association as well as ACSOT. The successful completion of the CSF I has paved the way for the phase two program. CSF II will target on the local resident charity/society organizations in termms of networking and building their capacities. in the privious program, with the suppoort of the EU CSF 18 werda based CSOs have been networked the majority of which are located at central zone.

Miss Yimsrach Beshaw from the TAU will be introducing the objectives and the necessary guidelines of the new program to charity/ society operating in Tigray. The half day workshop will be held at Axum Hotel on Dec.21, 2012.

  ACSOT is inviting the participants on behalf of TAU

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