The Alliance of Civil Society Organizations of Tigray

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Organizational Synopsis

The Alliance of the Civil Society Organizations of Tigray (ACSOT) is a non-profit consortium which was established in 2007. ACSOT operates in the region of Tigray and has a total of 36 federally registered Ethiopian resident charity members.


Our Vision

ACSOT's Vision is to see a strongly bonded, vibrant CSO network, that has the power to positively effect the communities in Tigray and Ethiopia as a whole, as well as create a link between the CSO’s, the government and the International community.

Our Mission

ACSOT is working hard to get a lead in coordinating, assisting, capacitating and organizing CSO’s in the region as well as playing an exemplary role in forming unity and networking that would enable them to participate and play important roles in the whole development endeavors.

Our Values

  • Stakeholders are sources of Strength

ACSOT believes that its stakeholders are the sources of its strength and successful achievements of commendable results.  It also strongly believes that its stakeholders are the biggest asset in different aspects.

  • Integrity

ACSOT believes in the equality of all CSOs regardless of differences in their objectives and areas of operations.  The doors of ACSOT are open to memberships without any discrimination provided their goals and objectives are for the benefit of society and in accordance of the policy directions.

  • Commitment

ACSOT believes that work is the means of existence and not a matter of choice.  The leadership and staff members of ACSOT will always remain committed to assigned duties to the best of their respective ability and capacity. Involvement of all staff members is the way of life of the organization.  Everyone is a part of one team, One team that treats each other with respect, trust and confidence.

  • Norms

ACSOT believes that all development interventions should be planned, implemented and managed in accordance with internal organizational regulations, ethics, code of conduct and other acceptable rules as well as social norms.

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